Yoga, pilates …Do you feel like relaxing in Ibiza?

The island of Ibiza is one of the most relaxing and magic areas in the world. In its coves, in its streets or on its beaches, it always breathes a somewhat mystical and relaxing atmosphere. Many of those who visit say that it is a different place, surprising and above all, that it gives off magic wherever you. Apart from being an ideal tourist destination, full of beautiful coves and lost among its vegetation. Or beaches with all kinds of services among which you can find pubs, discos, restaurants of all kinds and others. In Ibiza besides all this, to... Read More

The Bay of San Antonio, a perfect place to lose yourself and forget about the day to day.

One of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean and amazing in our area is the Bay of San Antonio. If you want to visit a relaxed area and where to find everything on the island, you have to visit this famous place in Ibiza. In it you can find a lot of leisure, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, as well as an incredible gastronomic offer. In Migjorn Ibiza Suites & SPA we recommend you visit this area of ​​the island, it is sure that you will find what you are looking for. During the day you can enjoy its... Read More

Why you should come to Ibiza in the month of June?

We are practically at the beginning of the summer and on the island of Ibiza little by little this is noticed. More and more people are arriving either by plane or by boat; to the island. And this is a reason why June is one of the most recommended months to visit Ibiza. We are facing an increasingly animated Ibiza with more tourists, but not as crowded as in the month of August. The good weather is settling down and getting hotter, making it an ideal time to swimming and enjoy the beautiful beaches that the island has. One of... Read More

Discover the gastronomy of Ibiza, let yourself be enveloped by the most typical dishes of the island.

The island of Ibiza is one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world. It is a place that opens up to new cultures, to new leisure experiences and above all it opens to the gastronomy that years after years has been enriched with the arrival of new cultures to the island and the mix of people that there are throughout the year in it. Perhaps the gastronomy is not for what is known more to Ibiza at international level, but it is necessary to mention it since it has some exquisite and fresh products; that make the... Read More

Advantages of staying in a hotel with Spa, in Migjorn Ibiza

Holidays and rest seasons are the most awaited time for all throughout the year. One of the activities that is carried out most in this time is to go to a hotel to relax and forget about the day to day. However, at this time you do not usually go to hotels with Spa. It seems that this is more typical of winter. But in our hotel you have all the comforts both in summer and winter and our Spa is perfect so that in the summer you can relax and take away the stress of everyday life. Next, we... Read More

Enjoy the Eivissa Medieval 2018, its activities and programming

This month the island of Ibiza is transformed and returns to the Middle Ages in the Medieval Eivissa Fair of this year 2018. This year’s activities begin on the 10th until May 13 and will take place in the historic centre of Dalt Vila and in the area of La Marina. We are facing a ludic event that every year brings together more than 100,000 people from all sides, bearing in mind that we are already in touristic time on the island. If you want to attend these events, you can enjoy concerts, exhibitions, acrobatics, theatre, puppets and dozens of... Read More

Do you want to get lost in the Ibizan world? Visit the best clubs on the island!

We know that Ibiza has a magical and multicultural atmosphere. We can see it in its people, in the thousands of visitors it has throughout the year and even in its gastronomy. Life on the island is quiet, but for those who visit it, there are thousands of plans beyond tranquillity. Something for which it is characterized is the wide options offered at the leisure level, from modern restaurants or Beach clubs to the most famous clubs around the world. Thus, we show you a list of the best clubs in Ibiza: Ocean Beach Ibiza Opened in 2012, it is... Read More

On Valentine’s Day offer the best holidays of your life

The day is coming! This year it’s your chance to surprise your partner with the best gift in the world. Has it ever occurred to you that the holidays of your life await you in Ibiza? At Migjorn Suites & Spa we like to celebrate love and that is why we’ve designed a special code “VALENTIN17” so that you and your partner can enjoy your dream holidays, this summer, in Ibiza, with 15% discount and a bottle of champagne. This offer will be valid for reservations from February 1st to 19th 2017. And this is not all! We have a... Read More