PERFECT IDEAS TO ENJOY IBIZA IN APRIL  We’d like to suggest twelve things you could do in Ibiza this April. Wouldn’t you like to know more about the real Ibiza? Away from the usual clichés of star-studded parties and stunning beaches, Ibiza itself is a veritable paradise with endless corners well worth exploring. If you want to be the first to savour these secrets, one after another, we suggest you pay attention to our spring line-up. Here are some top tips for April on Ibiza, the most beguiling of all Mediterranean isles. Treat yourself to something out of the ordinary,... Read More

On Valentine’s Day offer the best holidays of your life

The day is coming! This year it’s your chance to surprise your partner with the best gift in the world. Has it ever occurred to you that the holidays of your life await you in Ibiza? At Migjorn Suites & Spa we like to celebrate love and that is why we’ve designed a special code “VALENTIN17” so that you and your partner can enjoy your dream holidays, this summer, in Ibiza, with 15% discount and a bottle of champagne. This offer will be valid for reservations from February 1st to 19th 2017. And this is not all! We have a... Read More

Fly all the way to Migjorn at the best price

Need more reasons to come to Ibiza? In this article we’d like propose luxury travel that can fit any budget. If you didn’t already know, these here are the best months to schedule a holiday, when you’ll find offers on flights from scores of destinations. But they won’t last long, so read on and pay close attention! Undertaken last minute, an Ibiza flight and hotel booking is a feat better left for stock market pros. So, be safe -not sorry- and book early. If you fancy spending your 2017 holidays in the most glamorous digs, on the world’s most famous... Read More

This Christmas, forget about the presents and focus on the present

This Christmas, forget about the presents and focus on the present. Gifts are a dime a dozen, but experiences are priceless. No matter how old you are, or when you decide to come visit, Ibiza is always a great option, so a package weekend trip is a guaranteed hit. Whether you’re seeking inner peace, to lose yourself in nature, or the El Dorado of nightlife, we’ve got the perfect gift this Christmas. Check out our offers; we’ve got discounts for you if you book in advance. What if this year, Santa or the Three Wise Men left your parents, siblings,... Read More

Your wedding at Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa

Do you want to have an intimate and carefree wedding? Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa offers you the possibility to get the event of your dreams. An intimate celebration where you don’t have to worry about anything other than being happy. Forget the stress of all the planning and the nerve of last minute details. We take care of everything. Our objective is to know you, to know what your dream is and to fulfill it. Your objective is very simple, to trust us. If you are thinking of getting married on a Mediterranean and magical island like Ibiza, a spectacular banquet with the best food, or even a... Read More

Migjorn Ibiza Suites and Spa, el mejor hotel de playa del mundo

La icónica revista Lux Magazine concede a Migjorn Ibiza Suites and Spa el premio internacional al “Mejor Hotel de Playa 2016”. Este reconocimiento se une a otros como HolydayCheck Quality Selection  y al Certificado de Excelencia de Tripadvisor. La revista internacional referente en el mundo del lujo, Lux Magazine, acaba de otorgar los premios Hotel & Spa Awards 2016. Unos galardones dirigidos a establecimientos repartidos por todo el mundo entre los que este año se encuentra el hotel Migjorn Ibiza Suites and Spa. Este reconocimiento se ha otorgado en la categoría de “Best Beachside Hotel”, Mejor Hotel de playa, tras... Read More

Immerse yourself into Migjorn Ibiza Suites and Spa

Pack your luggage, choose your best company and immerse yourself into the oasis of Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa, the adventure begins. You can start with the pool area. Lie down on our white hammocks to get a tan under the sun, recover yourself of last night, or read your favourite book under the beach umbrella. Music is sounding, can you listen to it? It wants to remind you that you are in the island that has the best atmosphere in world. Ask for a cocktail or two, a piece of fruit or even champagne to celebrate that your holidays... Read More

Blowout Ibiza between the 10 essential plans of Vogue Italy

We are really proud of Blowout Ibiza! The recognised magazine Vogue Italy has written about our hairdresser as one of the 10 essential plans do to in the island. They describe it by this way: The shaping of Blowout Ibiza. Laze yes, but always in a perfect order. Because at the island that never sleeps is always the right moment for a drink at the poolside, for a party on the boat or for unrestrained clubbing. But don’t panic. If you left unprepared for the vacation and you need a last minute re-styling, Blowout won’t disappoint you. The Beauty Bar... Read More