DINNING WELL IN IBIZA  GASTRONOMIC PARADISE Ibiza’s cuisine is a true reflection of the island – its raw materials, its culture, its identity. Our traditional recipes are based on making the most of home-grown and locally sourced produce, as well as on the gastronomic heritage of the various peoples and cultures that have passed through during the course of history. First-rate  ingredients and dishes such as guisat de peix, bullit de peix and sofrit pagés [1] , to mention just a few, will delight the most demanding of plates and guarantee that you fall completely under the island’s spell. In this month’s... Read More


HOW TO CHOOSE WHERE TO STAY ON HOLIDAYS?   Who doesn’t want to travel, discover new places and have new experiences that leave the daily routine far behind? 99.9% of those asked would reply, without a doubt, that they’d rather travel than stay at home. So … once we’ve made the decision to head off into the blue, the first question that comes to mind is, Where shall I stay? You’ve been dreaming of the perfect vacation for a whole year, and you definitely don’t want to make a mistake, have an awful time, end up in a nightmare situation.... Read More


AMAZING MARIE CLAIRE ARTICLE “MIGJORN IBIZA, FAR MORE THAN A HOTEL”   Don’t miss Marie Claire’s article, “MIGJORN IBIZA SUITES & SPA, BETTER THAN A HOTEL.” Below we reproduce the full interview with our manager Alicia Reina, who set up this wonderful article. Enjoy! Marie Claire – What’s the story about the founding family? The hotel belongs to an Ibizan family whose business background is in the textile sector, namely a small draper’s shop in the old part of Ibiza Town. This began distributing the most emblematic fabrics of Moda Adlib, Ibiza’s foremost fashion label. From this, and with... Read More


MAY, THE PERFECT MONTH TO VISIT IBIZA PARADISE OF PARADISES Ibiza, that well-known earthly paradise, offers a range of attractions recognized all around the globe. For those planning to spend a few days soaking up the sun on our beautiful beaches, a word of advice: don’t forget to apply sunblock before you start relaxing (or romping) on our golden sands, at least until the sun sinks down low in the sky. With May fast approaching, Ibiza has started to bask in a different atmosphere, thanks to the wonderful weather that graces us almost permanently until the end of the season.... Read More


PERFECT IDEAS TO ENJOY IBIZA IN APRIL  We’d like to suggest twelve things you could do in Ibiza this April. Wouldn’t you like to know more about the real Ibiza? Away from the usual clichés of star-studded parties and stunning beaches, Ibiza itself is a veritable paradise with endless corners well worth exploring. If you want to be the first to savour these secrets, one after another, we suggest you pay attention to our spring line-up. Here are some top tips for April on Ibiza, the most beguiling of all Mediterranean isles. Treat yourself to something out of the ordinary,... Read More

On Valentine’s Day offer the best holidays of your life

The day is coming! This year it’s your chance to surprise your partner with the best gift in the world. Has it ever occurred to you that the holidays of your life await you in Ibiza? At Migjorn Suites & Spa we like to celebrate love and that is why we’ve designed a special code “VALENTIN17” so that you and your partner can enjoy your dream holidays, this summer, in Ibiza, with 15% discount and a bottle of champagne. This offer will be valid for reservations from February 1st to 19th 2017. And this is not all! We have a... Read More

Fly all the way to Migjorn at the best price

Need more reasons to come to Ibiza? In this article we’d like propose luxury travel that can fit any budget. If you didn’t already know, these here are the best months to schedule a holiday, when you’ll find offers on flights from scores of destinations. But they won’t last long, so read on and pay close attention! Undertaken last minute, an Ibiza flight and hotel booking is a feat better left for stock market pros. So, be safe -not sorry- and book early. If you fancy spending your 2017 holidays in the most glamorous digs, on the world’s most famous... Read More

This Christmas, forget about the presents and focus on the present

This Christmas, forget about the presents and focus on the present. Gifts are a dime a dozen, but experiences are priceless. No matter how old you are, or when you decide to come visit, Ibiza is always a great option, so a package weekend trip is a guaranteed hit. Whether you’re seeking inner peace, to lose yourself in nature, or the El Dorado of nightlife, we’ve got the perfect gift this Christmas. Check out our offers; we’ve got discounts for you if you book in advance. What if this year, Santa or the Three Wise Men left your parents, siblings,... Read More