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NEW YEAR NEW LIFE Fulfill YOUR DREAMS Good again, Migjorn Ibiza Lovers, New Year, New life. Today we are going to talk about the New Year’s goals. We must not forget that welcoming a new year means setting ourselves new goals, new plans and new resolutions to be pursued with enthusiasm and optimism. It’s about making a positive and drastic change in your life, and to do that, we’ve thought of proposing the following list of New Year’s goals: Stop smoking and do more exercise. Mens sana in corpore sano. Change jobs if what you do does not fill you... Read More


MALLORCANS AND IBICENCOS: LOVE BEHIND THE SCENES FROM A MALLORCAN POINT OF VIEW MALLORCA LOVES IBIZA  IBIZA LOVES MALLORCA   What do Mallorcans know about Ibicencos? Not that much, it turns out. For many Mallorcans, an Ibicenco is like what a Mallorcan is to a German, an endangered species that is rarely if ever seen. But if Mallorcans know precious little about Ibicencos, perhaps the latter like it that way. The average Ibicenco is surrounded by an aura of total mystery (which can even be sexy). Do they go to discos every night? Do they eat ensaimadas like us? What... Read More


History, Landscape and Local Produce Three key Ibizan ingredients in Unic’s distinctive gourmet offer   David Grussaute, the chef at Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa restaurant, reveals the fascinating story behind Platja d’en Bossa, a fishing harbour right next to extensive​​ kitchen gardens and a place of special natural beauty. His new gourmet menu is based on a quest to find the authentic Ibizan roots of his ingredients, and local producers turn out to be the real stars. Ibiza, June 2021. The Unic restaurant kicks off the 2021 season with a gourmet menu that pays tribute to Ibizan history and... Read More


SHALL WE DIGITIALISE OUR IBIZA HOLIDAY? CAN’T WAIT TO SET OFF We live in the Age of Digitalisation, and there is much talk about the future of tourism and its need to adapt. But can you imagine greeting a robot on your vacation? Or, not to put too fine a point on it, digitialsing your Ibizan holiday? We travel to hear, touch, see, taste and smell new things, i.e. gain new experiences. I stole (so to speak) my favourite perfume from a waitress in a hotel in a remote Italian hamlet.  As a result, my famous bread-baking recipe was given... Read More


KEYS TO HAPPINESS  IN PANDEMIC WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY Dear Reader, The pandemic is robbing us of time, health and happiness. Which is why I have been thinking recently about how I might contribute to help my readers alleviate the negative effects of this whole situation. The first thing I have done is put myself in your shoes, to get an idea what your overriding feelings and concerns must be in the midst of so much uncertainty and bewilderment. Many of us, as well as losing our spirits and strength, are losing family and friends along the way,... Read More


LETTER TO THE THREE KINGS Dear Three Wise Men:   Dear Three Kings, The year 2020 has been incredibly difficult for each and every one of us. In January, the existence of Covid-19, a new virus of apparently Chinese origin, came to light. We watched the phenomenon from a safe distance, thinking it would never reach our shores, and continued with our daily lives as if nothing out of the ordinary was unfolding. FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY In March, however, we were obliged to face up to the facts: the virus had indeed reached Europe and a global pandemic was... Read More


TAKE PART IN OUR MAGNIFICENT RAFFLE: WIN HAPPINESS – AND SPREAD SOLIDARITY! For just €25 you can win the prize of a lifetime, and whatever the outcome, the sum will serve as a discount on your next booking at Migjorn Ibiza. This draw is being held in aid of the fight against childhood cancer. WHAT CAN YOU WIN? A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE AS A V.I.P. CUSTOMER The winner will enjoy a 3-day stay for 2 people, breakfast included, in Migjorn Ibiza’s most luxurious accommodation, our Sanctuary Suite, complete with access to the SPA where you can enjoy the water circuit and... Read More


Introducing our in-house personal trainer Marta Rosado Physical exercise is all part of a healthy lifestyle and it’s more essential than ever these days to keep ourselves fit. But sometimes we find it hard to find proper motivation, not knowing what goals we should be achieving or what exercises to do on our own . . . which is why you need the help of a personal trainer! This season at Migjorn Ibiza we’ve been collaborating with Marta Rosado, a personal trainer who’s been giving personalized classes in our hotel gym. On her Instagram @personalbymartarosado, you can see some of... Read More
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