Happy San Valentin,s day!. Love..Love…Love

LOVE IS IN THE AIR The feast of St Valentine on February 14 is of Christian origin, and was originally celebrated to commemorate the good deeds of St Valentine of Rome. Extolling universal concepts of love and affection, it was set up by the Catholic Church as a foil to the Roman Empire’s pagan festivities on that day, and became one of the first festivals to reflect the rapid expansion of Christianity in the Church’s Afro-Eurasiatic territories. During the pagan era a fertility festival called Lupercalia was celebrated in Ancient Rome during which women were whipped with the hides of... Read More

Wines and wineries on Ibiza

  While Ibiza’s modest size might lead many to imagine it doesn’t produce its own wine, the truth is that local wines of character and body can be encountered which add a final touch to the Ibiza experience, bringing visitors closer to its roots and traditions. The winemaking tradition on Ibiza, like everywhere else in the Mediterranean, dates back to the remote past, bearing witness to the historical imprint left by earlier cultures such as the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans. For much of its history vines were grown for consumption within the household, a tradition transmitted from parents to... Read More


CHRISTMAS BROTH FROM IBIZA A GASTRONOMIC TRADITION THE SECRET,S IN THE SAFFRON Just like every other Yuletide, Salsa de Nadal (sweet Christmas broth) is now the undisputed focus of cooks on Ibiza and Formentera who have kept up the custom of making this delicious almond-based dessert. Its beginnings are remote and shrouded in mystery – few would hazard a specific period in time – but the dish is widely regarded as rural and Islamic in origin. In former years it constituted a perfect pick-me-up for Ibicencos labouring in the countryside from sun-up to sundown, while nowadays it represents the heart... Read More


PLACES OF IBIZA  WITH A VERY SPECIAL ALLURE Ibiza is the beautiful island par excellence, boasting some of the most alluring corners in the Mediterranean. The following places stand out for their rare, unspoiled beauty which will take you unawares, leaving you completely lost for words. If you have a special thing for the White Isle and are keen on nature or photography, you can’t afford to ignore this piece which brings together some of Ibiza’s most irresistible beauty spots. Corners which have managed to remain unsullied and intact (at least, most of them) to be discovered by curious travellers... Read More


DO YOU WANT TO BE “EIVISSENC/EIVISSENCA”? EIVISSENCS ARE DIFERENT Travelling allows us to discover new places, cultures and people. So that’s why I thought it would be interesting this month to talk about the inhabitants of Ibiza – the Eivisssencs. Trawling the net for relevant information, I was surprised to discover, amongst other things, a very interesting article in the National Geographic which bears the title ‘Los ibicencos, genéticamente distintos’ (The Eivissencs, genetically different) at https//  In this brief article, which focuses on a study led by researchers from Barcelona’s Instituto de Biología Evolutiva (IBE UPF-CSIC) and published in the... Read More


DINNING WELL IN IBIZA  GASTRONOMIC PARADISE Ibiza’s cuisine is a true reflection of the island – its raw materials, its culture, its identity. Our traditional recipes are based on making the most of home-grown and locally sourced produce, as well as on the gastronomic heritage of the various peoples and cultures that have passed through during the course of history. First-rate  ingredients and dishes such as guisat de peix, bullit de peix and sofrit pagés [1] , to mention just a few, will delight the most demanding of plates and guarantee that you fall completely under the island’s spell. In this month’s... Read More


HOW TO CHOOSE WHERE TO STAY ON HOLIDAYS?   Who doesn’t want to travel, discover new places and have new experiences that leave the daily routine far behind? 99.9% of those asked would reply, without a doubt, that they’d rather travel than stay at home. So … once we’ve made the decision to head off into the blue, the first question that comes to mind is, Where shall I stay? You’ve been dreaming of the perfect vacation for a whole year, and you definitely don’t want to make a mistake, have an awful time, end up in a nightmare situation.... Read More


AMAZING MARIE CLAIRE ARTICLE “MIGJORN IBIZA, FAR MORE THAN A HOTEL”   Don’t miss Marie Claire’s article, “MIGJORN IBIZA SUITES & SPA, BETTER THAN A HOTEL.” Below we reproduce the full interview with our manager Alicia Reina, who set up this wonderful article. Enjoy! Marie Claire – What’s the story about the founding family? The hotel belongs to an Ibizan family whose business background is in the textile sector, namely a small draper’s shop in the old part of Ibiza Town. This began distributing the most emblematic fabrics of Moda Adlib, Ibiza’s foremost fashion label. From this, and with... Read More