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Introducing our in-house personal trainer

Marta Rosado

Physical exercise is all part of a healthy lifestyle and it’s more essential than ever these days to keep ourselves fit. But sometimes we find it hard to find proper motivation, not knowing what goals we should be achieving or what exercises to do on our own . . . which is why you need the help of a personal trainer!

This season at Migjorn Ibiza we’ve been collaborating with Marta Rosado, a personal trainer who’s been giving personalized classes in our hotel gym. On her Instagram @personalbymartarosado, you can see some of her training sessions at Migjorn Ibiza.

So let’s get to know her a little better. Marta has been a fitness coach for more than 20 years, and has trained a number of famous Spaniards.

One of her favourite workouts is known as Progressive Resistance Training (PRT), using weights, bands, TRX (Total-body Resistance Exercise), etc. to get muscles to exert resistance against an applied force. This kind of training needs to be balanced with aerobic exercises of medium-to-low intensity as well as longer duration, such as walking, running or swimming.

When Marta meets a new client, the first thing she does is assess their health and find out about their sports history, including whether they’ve recently sustained or are suffering from any injuries, illnesses, etc.

She then carries out a thorough physical test to assess current physical condition and work out what abilities, skills or weaknesses her clients may have.

And finally, she carries out an anthropometric study and a coaching survey.

In addition to exercise, a good diet is vital for keeping fit, losing weight and building up a strong body. For this reason, ‘Personal’ by Marta Rosado also assists clients with dietary guidelines to help maintain a healthier and more balanced diet.

But what if you’re based neither in Madrid nor in Ibiza? Marta has a YouTube channel, of course! This teaches numerous exercises as well as the correct way to do them to help you keep in great shape and create your own routine, wherever you may be in the world.

On her website MARTA ROSADO  there is also an online training service, with the option of either following an influencer’s routine or having Marta and her team create a personalised one specially for you. It also offers the possibility of training via video call. What more could you want?

Let’s face it, physical exercise can be difficult at first, but with the right motivation and help from personal trainers like Marta, you’ll turn it in no time into an extremely healthy habit, making you feel better than ever. Why not give it a go?

Below is the contact page for her website:

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