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Dear Three Wise Men:


Dear Three Kings,

The year 2020 has been incredibly difficult for each and every one of us. In January, the existence of Covid-19, a new virus of apparently Chinese origin, came to light. We watched the phenomenon from a safe distance, thinking it would never reach our shores, and continued with our daily lives as if nothing out of the ordinary was unfolding.


In March, however, we were obliged to face up to the facts: the virus had indeed reached Europe and a global pandemic was spreading rapidly before our very eyes. So we ended up surrendering our individual freedom in order to safeguard public health and our general interests, leading to the decree of a ‘state of alarm’ throughout Spain – as elsewhere – under which the entire population was confined indoors. Life as we knew it came to a halt, changing customs and overriding our essential drives as humans, that in-built need to socialize being swept abruptly aside as the law of social distancing prevailed. Months came and went, until it looked as if the battle was slowly being won, bringing a return to relative normality. The month of June arrived and with it rising hopes and several pilot plans. As a result of these, we implemented training, measures and security regulations to fight Covid-19 and reactivate tourism in a way that was safe and secure. But then the mirage dissolved before our eyes: bookings were cancelled just as before, establishments closed their doors and our dear and valued customers flew back to their countries of origin.

Dear Three Wise Men, we are passing through hard, testing times, but we would like to send a message of hope to everyone out there – to our clients, our workers, our colleagues, our friends, and indeed anyone feeling sad and lonely. We are not alone, and we will set off on our travels again, will dream, dance, and enjoy Ibiza to the hilt once more. Life will be lived again.

This year, instead of requesting the usual seasonal gifts, we ask you to give us strength, to fill us with hope and energy, so that we can transform this challenge into a golden opportunity to do even better, to continue aiming at excellence, to be better people and turn our world into a safe place where all our dreams of travelling happily can be realized.

This year, we ask you, above all, to look after those who really matter to us, our loved ones. Which includes our dear tourists, so that they can enjoy Ibiza and life again.

Dear Three Wise Men, this year in our heart of hearts we dream of transforming our lives into a wonderful journey, discovering numerous places to visit and countless experiences in store, dreams that will soon become reality.

Un abrazo (a big hug),

P.S. We’ve left the usual nougat and polvorones (Andalusian shortbread) under the tree, so you can recharge your batteries.



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