IBIZA 2020

I’d like to start this post by recalling a famous phrase of J.R.R. Tolkien’s: [You] can only come to morning through the shadows.” [1]Highly appropriate for the circumstances we’re all going through at present.

In recent days I’ve been wondering just how the human urge to travel arose, and whether we can do without it for any length of time. Surfing the net I came across the following article, which I’d strongly recommended, about the ‘Motivation and Needs’ of tourism, written by Marinus Gisolf (2011) and posted at the following link.

This article analyses, among other things, the various factors which influence our decision to travel (the tourist motivation), which might be summarized as follows:

1- The need for relaxation (rest/activity). Which, of course, we’re certainly going to need once we emerge from the present crisis. Ibiza Summer 2020 awaits you with open arms!

2- The need for stimulation (security/stronger emotions). All human beings need to take a break from their routines and discover new experiences/emotions which add value to their lives, and tourism certainly meets that need.

3- Social needs (family and friends). Man is a social animal by nature, so when we reach the end of our confinement, the commonest outlet of escape will be tourism.

4- Self-esteem needs (self-development through cultural, historic, natural/wildlife and other activities). Every human life is enriched by discovering, experiencing, observing and sharing cultures different from those which are familiar. That is what real travel is all about.

5- Self-realization needs (search for happiness). If something gives meaning to human life, it’s the quest for happiness. “Happiness is the ultimate end and purpose of human existence.” (Aristotle). After all, who hasn’t been happy when travelling and exploring other places and cultures? The objective of this Ibiza Summer 2020 is to bring about those crowning moments of happiness.

[1] The Lord of the Rings, Book IV, Chapter 3, ‘The Passage of the Marshes’

If we pause for a moment to look back over the years, happy memories of a recent holiday – with family or friends, with our partner, etc. – inevitably rise to the surface. As environmental pioneer John Muir once observed, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” These are the memories – and the possibility of repeating them – which keep us fully alive. But it’s not enough for them to remain bright in the mind’s eye: we want to transform them into reality once again, experiences that can be enjoyed another time. That is what tourism is dedicated to bringing about, and that is what we professionals love doing and making possible, just as you delight in the experience. Tourism exists for this reason – to make us all happier and freer by being part of it. So rest assured: this Ibiza Summer 2020 is going to be the best ever! Each and every one of us dedicated to forging those precious memories and stories for you to experience and remember, are here ready and waiting to create the lasting happiness of you and every tourist and traveller with a stake in Ibiza.


So, wherever you are, wherever you are reading this, remember:


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